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ECLIPSE is a qualitative test, supplied in a flexible and handily format, for detection of antibiotics and inhibitors in raw, heated or powder milk from cow, sheep or goat. The ECLIPSE test kit contains 96 individual tests microtiter plate. Each well contains growth medium spread.


ECLIPSE is a test based on the inhibition of microbial growth. It is supplied in a microtiter plate format where each well contains agar medium spread with Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores and a pH indicator.

When the plate is incubated at 65ºC, spores germinate and cells grow producing acid and changing the agar pH. Variations of pH will produce changes of the agar colour from blue (purple) to yellowish. When milk samples contain inhibitors at higher concentrations than the detection limit, microorganisms will not grow and neither colour changes will be observed.

ECLIPSE 3G tests are used with dry incubator Milkotester ET- W24. ECLIPSE 3G detects inhibitors from most used groups of antibiotics in animal husbandry – β-lactam, tetracycline, sulfamides, macrolides, aminoglycosides, lincosamides and others.

How to use Eclipse 3G test kit:

  1. Add 100 µl of milk samples into micro wells.
  2. Incubate 2,5 hours at 65°C.
  3. Wash the wells
  4. Visual reading
  • 96 test in box
  • Compatible with Milkotester ET- W24 thermostatic device
  • Detection of β-lactam, tetracycline, sulfamides and other inhibitors
  • Easy to use – one step assay
  • Visual reading
  • Results in about 2,5h

Limits of detection:

Antibiotics Limits of detection (µg/l)
Ampicillin  3
Amoxicillin  3
Oxacillin  10
Doxycycline  10 0
Oxytetracycline  50 
Tetracycline  100
Sulfadiazine 100
Sulfametazine 150
Sulfamethoxypyridazine  100
Sulfathiazole  50
Erythromycin  200
Tylosin 40
Streptomycin 2.500
Gentamycin >1.000
Neomycin >1.000
Espectinomicine >2.500
Lincomycin >15 >15
Chloramphenicol  5.000
  Eclipse 3G test kit Instructions

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