Milk analyzers

The milk analyzers based on ultrasonic technology measure very accurately and fast all the main parameters of milk. Namely FAT, SNF, Density, Protein, Lactose, Salts, Added water, Sample Temperature, Freezing point, Electrical conductivity *, pH*, without the use of chemicals or reagents. The ultrasonic technology of milk scanners allows for quick and accurate milk analysis. This makes the devices compact and affordable. The analyzers produced by Milkotester Ltd. are already a well-known brand with a history of over 20 years that have proved their quality and capabilities on the market in over 100 countries.

Types of Milk Analyzers

The milk testers are divided in two series – Master and Lactomat. All of the milk analyzers area ready-to-use, pre-calibrated and can measure any type of raw animal milk – cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, horse, as well as UHT, pasteurized and skimmed milk. A small sample of 20ml is needed for each milk test, and it is performed in 60 seconds or 30 seconds by milk testers, depending on the variation of milk analyzer which the client chooses. And the milk analyzers Lactomat Rapid and Lactomat Rapid Mini measure each milk sample in just 18 seconds, which makes them the fastest ultrasonic milk testing machines on the market at the moment.

Trusted and calibrated products

All milk analyzers are delivered to clients after they have been tested and carefully calibrated for the types of milk which the customer needs to measure. If necessary each device has a system for self-calibration. They can also be connected to PC and transfer easily results to computer using the software provided with the unit.

The Master Eco and Master LM2 are high quality ultrasonic milk analyzers with compact and robust design. They are reliable, accurate and easy-to-carry. In combination with their user-friendly interface those milk analyzers are perfect for small and mid-sized farms, dairy plants and collecting centers. They are also convenient when needed to operate in the field and when transported to different locations.

High-end Analyzers (Milk Testers)

The Master Pro and Master Pro Touch are top-end ultrasonic milk analyzers with in-built keypad for entering data like liters, number of supplier. They implement the newest and most advanced technology in the ultrasonic milk analysis. The Master Pro and Master Pro Touch analyzers have stainless steel body and are extremely accurate. Master Pro Touch is equipped with large 7 inch touch screen graphic display. This allows for fast and easy overview of the records saved in electronic table directly on the analyzer’s display without using a PC. Those milk testers are excellent for dairy plants, big farms and quality control labs.

Lactomat BiSonic is high-end ultrasonic milk analyzer with 7 inch touch screen. It is equipped with in-built ultrasonic stirrer for removal of air bubbles from fresh milk sample. It is also great for big dairy plants, laboratories, quality control centers. 


All of the milk analyzers have an internal memory. It allows storing from 50 to 500 measurements, depending on the device model. As standard all milk testers are equipped with RS 232 and USB ports that allow for PC and thermal printer connection. All milk analyzers have a warranty of 1 year. It covers all manufacturing faults not due to improper use or bad maintenance. There are a number of additional features that could be equipped to each milk analyzer on request of the client.

*optional parameter

Frequently asked questions

How many types of milk I can measure with a milk analyzer?

A: All of milk analyzers Master and Lactomat can measure up to three types of milk in one device. Customer can choose the three types of milk he needs to test and each milk analyzer is customized specially for him. It is carefully calibrated and tested before dispatch.

What are the additional options that could be equipped to a milk analyzer?

A: Depending on the model of milk tester, there are a number of additional features that could be added to a device during production, based on customer’s needs and wish.

  • Available are features like pH electronics and pH probe, used for determination of acidity in milk.
  • There is conductivity option, which based on deviations from normal levels of conductivity, can help determine if there was some additive in milk, like table salt.
  • Very useful could be the internal printer which allows printing of milk test results as report after measurement.
  • Most of the Master and Lactomat milk scanners could be equipped with an USB flash drive, which allows for transfer of data from the device to computer
  • The Bluetooth option allows wireless connection and transfer of data.
  • Higher-class analyzers (Master Pro, Master Pro Touch and Lactomat BiSonic) can be equipped with internal accumulator that provides power for about 8 hours and electronic weighing scales for measuring liters of milk that you take sample from.
What are the differences between Ultrasonic milk and Infrared milk analyzers?

A: There are two main technologies on which are based the most used milk analyzers which test milk without the use of additional chemicals and reagents.

Ultrasonic spectroscopy has as its principle the application of high frequency sound waves that print intermolecular forces to the materials of the system. Compression and decompression oscillating in the ultrasonic wave cause oscillations in the molecular arrangement of the sample, which responds with attraction or repulsion of intermolecular forces, therefore, analyzed by transmission or reflection of the signals generated. On the other hand, the infrared spectroscopy is based on the ability of the specific chemical groups of some milk components to absorb infrared radiation at different wavelengths, such as fat, protein and lactose.

Both ultrasonic and infra-red milk analyzers can measure all the main components of milk very accurately and just as fast. In some cases the infrared milk scanners can be with little higher accuracy, but come at a much higher price than ultrasonic milk analyzers Master and Lactomat. Infrared milk analyzers are also usually not very portable and are mainly used in laboratories. While ultrasonic milk analyzers can easily be transported and used in all steps of milk production and processing – in the field in farms, portable collecting centers, dairy plants, quality control labs, etc. Ultrasonic milk analyzers can measure directly cold milk samples even at temperature of 5°C

Which are the main advantages of ultrasonic milk analyzers compared to traditional methods for milk analysis?


  • Time of analysis with ultrasonic milk analyzers Master and Lactomat for each sample is 18 sec, 30 sec or 60 sec. While chemical test could take 10 or more minutes
  • In one test you could measure all main parameters of milk (FAT, SNF, Density, Protein, Lactose, Salts, Added water, Sample Temperature, Freezing point, Electrical conductivity*, pH*) and in traditional methods you could have only one parameter at a time – for example only fat or only density, etc.
  • Even inexperienced users can work with ultrasonic milk analyzer, without the need of special training
  • Milk test is automatic and with minimum influence of human errors when using a milk analyzer
  • There is no need of special treatment of milk sample with ultrasonic milk analyzers, like using chemicals, centrifuging, water bath, drying of milk sample, etc.
  • Very low cost per test and no need of laboratory equipment with milk analyzers

*optional parameter

What contains one set of milk analyzer?

A: In the box of each milk analyzer there are the device itself, power cable, AC adapter, car charger 12V, USB cable, instructional manual, CD with software, sample cups, cleaning solution – daily, cleaning solution – weekly

What is time for delivery of milk analyzer?

A: Each milk analyzer is dispatched within 10 business days from receipt of payment. This time is needed for customization, as each device is produced with different type of milk of calibrations, options and menu language, based on customer’s needs and order placed. Transit time depends on couriers and can vary between 3-5 days.

What is the warranty period of milk analyzers?

A: Warranty period is 1 year covering all production faults which are not due to improper use or bad maintenance.

How can I make payment?

A: You can make payment by card, by PayPal and by bank wire transfer.


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