Lactomat Rapid Mini


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Lactomat Rapid Mini is portable ultrasonic milk analyzer, which measures in just 18 seconds any type of animal milk. Lactomat brand of milk analyzers are the fastest ultrasonic analyzers on the market at the moment! Lactomat Rapid Mini has plastic body and is compact which makes it easy to carry. This milk analyzer is perfect for making measurements in farms, in the field and when transported to different locations.

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Lactomat Rapid Mini provides test results for Fat, Protein, Solids Not Fat (SNF), Lactose, Solids, Density, Freezing point, Added Water, Temperature. It has RS 232 and USB interface for connection to PC and external printer. Lactomat Rapid-Mini also has a system for self calibration without computer. The ultrasonic milk analyzers do not require the use of chemicals or reagents for testing milk.

Lactomat Rapid Mini

Lactomat Rapid Mini is used in dairy farms, milk collection centers and small labs. In addition, Bluetooth can also be added to the device.

  • Ultrasonic technology with double sensors
  • The fastest testing in 18 seconds only
  • Inbuilt ventilation system for prevention of overheating in hot environments
  • Memory for 50 measurements
  • Self-calibration without computer
  • 1 x RS232 connection
  • 1xUSB connection to PC
  • ESC POS Printer support
  • No use of chemicals
  • One year full warranty


Measuring Range:    

Component Range Accuracy
FAT 0.01% – 25% ±0.1%
SNF 3% – 15% ±0.15%
Density 1000 – 1160 kg/m³ ±0.3 kg/m³
Protein 2% – 7% ±0.15%
Lactose 0.01% – 6% ±0.2%
Salts 0.4% – 4% ±0.05%
Added water 0% – 70% ±3%
Sample Temperature 5°C  – 45°C ±1°C
Sample speed 18 sec. ±0.1sec.
Freezing point -0.4°C to -0.7°C ±0.005°C

Technical characteristics of Lactomat Rapid Mini

Sample vоlume 20 ml
Measurement speed 18 sec.
Sample temperature 5˚ C – ˚45 C
Humidity 0 – 80 % RH
Interface RS 232 Port
Overall Size (W x D x H) 139/47/181mm
Mass, kg 0.9 kg.
AC supply voltages 95-250 V
DC power supply 12V
  Each milk analyzer set is equipped with: Power cable, AC adapter, Car charger 12V, USB cable, Instructional manual, CD with software, Sample cups, Cleaning solution – daily, Cleaning solution – weekly Additional options you can equip to Lactomat Rapid Mini
  • Bluetooth - for wireless connection and exchange of data

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 25 × 16 cm
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